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The success of the SunBridge Partners team’s investment portfolio has been built upon the principle that the highest returns flow to investors who are able to provide far more than mere financial support to portfolio companies.

An emphasis on deep domain expertise, technical and market research enables SunBridge Partners to become a key strategic player in portfolio companies’ successes.  When the Principals research a sector they develop a knowledge base that is instantly recognized as valuable and relevant by entrepreneurs.  The team is able to ‘speak the language’ of engineers and build relationships based on embracing and enabling the vision of the entrepreneurs.

With significant entrepreneurial and operational experience, the SunBridge team embraces the importance of not only the creative and technical ideas behind the new venture, but also the management, marketing and other skills that ultimately lead to success.

Furthermore, SunBridge has a proven record of assisting companies in entering the Japanese and other international markets to increase sales, reduce manufacturing costs and establish key partnerships.

Consequently, when startups seek out funding they naturally turn to SunBridge Partners as a group that can provide not merely financial resources, but also technical insights, strategic guidance and global contacts with customers, vendors and partners.