Sunbridge Partners
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The SunBridge Partners team leverages its technical experience and strong domain expertise to:

  • research technology sectors holding potential for innovation;
  • conduct detailed due diligence on promising companies within those sectors;
  • invest as a value-added strategic partner to the best-in-class leaders it identifies; and then
  • grow those companies through global market access and worldwide partnerships.

Our primary resource for identifying and evaluating investment opportunities is our proactive research.  Each of the Principals has deep technical expertise in the areas in which we focus and the team leverages this expertise to identify investment opportunities.

Typically, the team begins by employing a macro-level research effort in a particular technology area of interest. From this research, we identify significant new opportunities, potential problems or existing bottlenecks, and subsequently attempt to identify the private companies that are working on an effective solution to the perceived problem.

We then approach these companies and begins due diligence. Ultimately, after developing a thorough assessment of the competitive landscape and evaluating the various alternative approaches, the team chooses what it believes is the best in class of this group. This forms the basis of our deal flow, which is evaluated for potential investment opportunities.

Utilizing this research-based approach to deal sourcing and evaluation, we have been able to identify breakthrough emerging technologies and the leading companies within the new sectors well in advance of more general awareness and subsequent recognition of their significance by those using more traditional sourcing and evaluation techniques.

Such advanced awareness and early company contacts allows for preferred deal access, the opportunity to add significant value through strategic guidance and collaborative sector evangelization, and ultimately for higher investment returns.